Google calls for “creators” to test Jump virtual reality camera rig

Written By Allie Quill

For all of you videographers/adventurers/entertainers out there, Google is about to make your dreams of working for them (albeit, loosely) come true. The company has put out an open call to all creatives to test out its new virtual reality rig, Jump.

Jump, simply put, is a camera rig that features 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras that create a 360 degree panoramic view. Google debuted the first edition in late-May, and the public has yet to stop dreaming about the video system.

Originally intended for popular YouTube content creators, Google now wants to give the public a taste by offering “select creators” the opportunity to give Jump a trial run.

“Jump enables creators to capture the world in VR video – video that you can step inside of – and make it available to everyone. Select creators will get access to Jump starting this summer. If you’re interested in hearing more or getting the chance to take a Jump camera out for a spin, sign up below,” Google states in its online form.

The simple, two-page survey asks for basic biographical information, as well as a few short-answer forms for the company’s in-depth questions as to why you deserve the chance to test a Jump rig. These responses are going to be crucial, as Google said that “awesome” answers will definitely be ranked higher.

So whether you’re a high-profile Youtube celebrity, or a talented home-movie maker, Google invites you to apply to be one of their virtual reality pioneers.

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