Google Glass to Award Non-Profits

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Google has been finding new ways for people to connect with its famed Google Glass project, from opening up purchasing to all for a single day, to launching an enterprise focused “Glass At Work” initiative. It now looks like Google is also aiming to get Glass into the hands of the world’s brightest non-profits to see how they can leverage the device’s capabilities to further their mission. Google’s Giving Through Glass is an open invitation to all individuals working for US 501(c)(3) organizations, meaning headquartered in the US, to apply for consideration by 11:59 pm PST on May 20th, 2014. Five winners will be chosen and awarded the following:

  • A pair of Google Glass
  • a $25,000 grant to their organization to implement the Glass project described in the application
  • A trip to Google to learn about Glass
  • A chance to connect with the Glassware Development community

Interested applicants can apply here. All applicants must answer a series of questions including organization’s name and vision, annual budget, groups supported by the organization’s work, any employee connections to Google, and how they plan to uniquely use Glass to further its impact and community. Applications will be reviewed by a team of Google employees and a panel of non-profit Glass Explorers. The applications will be graded among four principal criteria:

  • Ability to implement Glass successfully in a unique way,
  • Impact that using Glass would have on the group’s mission,
  • Ability to tackle issues in their community in an innovative way, and
  • Feasibility for executing on their proposed project within a six month period

For further info check out the Spotlight page.


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