Google Glass comes back from the dead — but it’s not for everyone

Written By Tom Hushen

Google Glass has been resurrected from the dead — but you still may never see it again. The tech giant has remained surprisingly quiet over the product since it was pulled in January, but recent information suggest a new version will be filling its place, just not for the general consumer.

According to 9to5Google, Google Glass 2, titled Google Glass Enterprise Edition, will be slightly redesigned to fit the needs of the workplace. The smartglasses have been reimagined to be foldable, water-resistant, and have fewer openings that the previous model. The internal hardware is also getting a bit of a makeover. A larger prism is being added so that users can look directly ahead instead of upright and a more advanced ARM core processor is being added, which could improve battery life.

One of the biggest problems that plagued the original model (which came with a hefty $1,500 price tag) was that consumers didn’t know how to fit it into their everyday lives. After pulling the product earlier this year, Google is now marketing the device to workplaces exclusively.

Moving Google Glass EE to the Android for Work program could help get the product into the hands of people that actually have a use for them. The program is designed to help build businesses by cutting costs and creating a synergistic workforce.

Google hasn’t announced when the new product is expected to arrive to the workforce, but current rumor suggest business won’t have to wait long. According to bit-tech news, Google Glass EE has already begun shipping to qualified members of the Android to Work program.

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