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Google Glass took to its Google+ page to announce a major new initiative, Glass At Work. This is Google’s first enterprise-focused program for Glass, and may mark a new roadmap forward for the device.


Glass offered Glass At Work Developer Sign-up for enterprise software developers with focus on the US market. In its post Google Glass claims that through their Explorer program they have seen a multitude of creative applications of their device. Among those applications were “how Explorers are using Glass to drive their businesses forward. A number of companies have already teamed up with enterprise software developers to create new ways to serve their customers and reach their business goals.”


The post featured an image of the Washington Capitals’ Nicklas Backstrom through an application the team developed with APX Labs. The application allows fans to see real-time stats, instant replays, and various camera angles from the feeds throughout the arena.


Wearable Intelligence Energy Informant

Photo: Wearable Intelligence Energy Informant


The post also mentioned oil field service giant  collaboration with Wearable Intelligence to create Glass applications for its employees out in the field. We’ve made mention in the past of Glass’ practical applications in industry.


We are also believers that the devices may see faster adoption in industrial applications, as these are settings where concerns with social stigma or fashion design take a backseat to the product’s practical benefits.



Read the source article at Computerworld.

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