Google Glass and the Healthcare Enterprise

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As wearables continue to evolve, so does their benefit for industrial applications. These settings should help foster adoption for newer technologies such as Glass that have suffered from social stigma due to privacy concerns and aesthetics. In industrial applications, products are often worn solely for their practical application, and fashion sense takes a backseat.


Google certainly seems to hope so. The company announced Monday that it has launched an enterprise focus for Glass titled Glass at Work.


Wearable Intelligence, a San Francisco-based company, is creating enterprise software solutions for Google Glass across healthcare and energy sectors.

“It’s for the 90% of workers who don’t work behind a computer and use their hands a lot,” says Wearable Intelligence CEO and co-founder Yan-David Erlich.


Ten organizations are testing the company’s applications. Healthcare industry professionals are able to check a patient’s medical history, get walked through diagnosing, and video conference with other healthcare professionals.


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