Google Fit to Compete with HealthKit

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A few weeks ago we reported on Apple’s launching of HealthKit with iOS 8, which will act as a health platform for all wearable devices to connect to. Consumers will have the ability to interact with this data in a centralized location, from visualization, storage, and even sharing the data with friends, families, or even physicians.


Forbes is reporting that Google is set to announce the launch of its own health platform Google Fit, at its Google I/O Developers Conference later this month. This will pit Google directly in competition not only with Apple’s HealthKit initiative, but also with Samsung’s recently announced SAMI, a health data aggregation and sharing platform based on Samsung’s Simband platform. Per Forbes, Google Fit will be built around device and app APIs that allow those products to interface directly with Google’s cloud-based services to share data.


We will update after June 26th, when the Google I/O Conference has concluded.


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