Google: Bring Your Own Wearables to Work

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Thomas Davies, a Google Enterprise director in their European Division, recently told a group of CIOs and CEOs to prepare for the BYOW wave: bring your own wearable [to work].

“The BYOD [bring-your-own-device] boat has sailed…the next wave is going to be bring-your-own-wearables… there’s no longer any such thing as an IT perimeter for the enterprise. “

Davies told executives that the enterprise needs to focus on harnessing the power of consumer technologies in the workplace. He added that devices that see consumer adoption due to ease of use, intuitive interfaces, and especially if free, will make its way into the workplace faster than enterprise executives could predict.


Thomas Davies, Google Enterprise

Google recently announced its Glass At Work initiative, a focus on enterprise applications for its Glass project. This of course on top of its recent announcement of Android Wear, its wearable development platform.

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