Glass at Work Announces First Round of Partners

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Google recently announced its first round of Glass at Work Certified Partners on their Google+ Google Glass page, with most of the companies listed being ones with a well publicized history of incorporating Glass. The five companies were selected for their seamless integration of Glass into the workplace, as well as and perhaps most importantly utilizing Glass to make improvements in their various fields.


The Glass at Work Certified Partners are:

1. APX Labs is the maker of Skylight, the leading business software for Glass. Skylight provides large enterprises the tools to make custom apps for devices like Glass. Currently, APX Labs has sold Skylight to companies in a vast array of industries, from healthcare to oil and gas. APX Labs in short aims to bring Glass to work everywhere.

2. Augmedix is using Glass to improve the healthcare industry, one doctor and patient at a time. The company works with Dignity Health to decrease the time doctors spend inputting information, so that they may focus on their patients.

3. CrowdOptic creates software for Glass that captures live broadcasts from mobile and wearable devices, then uses those broadcasts to create content for the sports, entertainment, and medical industries.

4. GuidiGo was recently featured in Google’s new Glassware updates, so it comes as no surprise they were chosen to be a certified partner. GuidiGo provides users with a unique mobile storytelling experience that connects museum goers around the world with the art as soon as they see it, creating an individualized tour simply by wearing Glass.

5. Wearable Intelligence is a San Francisco based software company similar to APX Labs, that makes Glass software for companies in the energy, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We covered Wearable Intelligence back in April, and they have only continued to grow in the few short months since.


For further information, check out Google’s Glass At Work page.


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