Get Fit in a Flash with Misfit’s New Tracker

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Misfit is trying to bring down the barrier to owning a wearable device with their newest fitness tracker the Misfit Flash. With a cheaper polycarbonate casing, Misfit Flash will be the most affordable fitness tracker out in the market at $50, beating out competitor Fitbit Zip and with more features to boot.


Misfit Flash

The affordable Misfit Flash retails for $49.99.


Like Misfit’s other fitness tracker the Shine, the Flash will track distance, calories, steps, as well as your sleep patterns and any sports activity, including non-walking activities like swimming or cycling, giving you a full picture of your activities. The Flash contains a replaceable coin-cell battery, making charging the tracker a thing of the past, as well as giving you no gaps between any activities. As with many fitness trackers, the overall design of the Flash is a colorful and sporty one, coming with the option of 7 different colors on its polycarbonate shell. Interacting with the Flash is roughly the same as the Shine, featuring a front face of LED lights that shine depending on your activity of the day, as well as displaying a minimalist clock. The main difference between the two is that the front face works more as a button, pressing it once brings the lights to life, rather than double tapping it as you would with the Shine.


The iOS Misfit App showing user improvement. Source: Misfit Wearables.

The iOS Misfit App showing user improvement.
Source: Misfit Wearables.


With the accompanying iOS or Android App, users can set goals, compete against friends using leaderboards, as well as track activity over time to see improvements, keeping motivation high. Misfit Flash is already available for pre-order, and will soon be available for purchase at retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.

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