Geeksphone Plans Smartband To Track Sexual Performance

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Geeksphone is planning to enter the wearables market. The Madrid-based smartphone company, which is most well known for the pro-privacy Blackphone and dual-operating system Revolution, is developing an activity tracker called GeeksMe.


Geeksme smartband sexual activity tracker

GeeksMe A user will be able to activate sexual tracking manually. Source: Geeksme.


GeeksMe has many of the same features you’ve come to expect from a smartband–though it looks much more like a smartwatch with its round OLED display. It can count how many steps you’ve taken, track distance traveled, and calculate how many calories you’ve burned. Other features include notifications, alarms, and sleep monitoring.


What makes GeeksMe stand out among the competition is the “sexual performance” tracker. Ángel Sánchez Díaz, the director of innovation for the GeeksMe project, spoke with TechCrunch about this component: “It’s not based on heart rate. But it will have a special mode (similar to sleep mode) that once it’s activated will measure things like number of times a day/week, duration, calories burned, and other very useful information based on different algorithms we are developing.” The “sexual performance” tracker will have to be activated by the user.


Another unique feature on the GeeksMe is the “eco-tracking mode.” The band connects with smartphones via Bluetooth and uses the phone’s GPS capabilities, as well as manually-entered information, to calculate environmental impact. “Eco-tracking mode” will use recycling, food consumption, and water consumption as statistics to calculate your carbon footprint.

Geeksphone told TechCrunch that the company anticipates a late-June or early-July launch, before summer holidays in Spain. Price has not yet been determined, though Sánchez Díaz says it will be lower than most high-end smartbands.

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