Fitbit Won’t Be Integrating with Healthkit Anytime Soon

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Since Apple mentioned Fitbit during the first presentation of HealthKit and the Health app, it seemed like the logical next step in the relationship would be to have the two companies work together. According to Fitbit though, that level of collaboration may never come to fruition.


On a Fitbit user forum, a user posted on the possibility of Fitbit integrating with Apple’s Health app, and Fitbit response wasn’t too optimistic. The response was first caught by 9to5mac.


Source: Mashable.

Source: Mashable.


As you can see, Fitbit doesn’t exactly have any plans to actively work with HealthKit. However, the fact that they were curious about what users would want from that integration doesn’t mean that cooperation between the two is completely out of the question.


Fitbit has established itself as the #1 fitness tracker, but as more smartwatches come out that offer the same features of fitness trackers, as well as others, many see such hardware becoming obsolete. So, with the release of Apple’s new Apple Watch coming next year, Fitbit could see it as its biggest competition to date. Fitbit has made claims that they are also looking out for the Android-user base, which HealthKit does not presently support. However, the more likely response is that both companies understand how valuable control of this user data is, and both also understand that they are soon-to-be competitors in their hardware offerings.


Apple’s Health app and HealthKit are still young, so there is plenty of time for integration with other wearables, including Fitbit. Also, Apple is known for establishing robust developer ecosystems, and ultimately if Fitbit’s users demand integration, Fitbit will just have to agree to play nicely. We will continue to monitor how this plays out.

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