First V1sion Wants to Bring Wearable Cameras to Broadcasts

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First V1sion, a startup based in Barcelona, Spain, wants to change the way people watch sports with their wearable camera and broadcast systems. The company has created a t-shirt with a camera inside so that sports fans can watch games from the player’s point of view.



“A sports event broadcast consists of several cameras, but we’re used to these cameras being impersonal, showing what you see from a distance,” said Jose Ildefonso, founder and CEO of First V1sion. “Being in the athlete’s skin is way more exciting. You’re immersed by the sensations of vertigo, speed, and emotion.”


The First V1sion system consists of a small high-definition camera with an optical lens and a sports jersey with biometric sensors throughout. The biometric sensors gather information with an Intel Edison chip, allowing the shirt to send player data to computers via WiFi. The shirt is intended for athletes of all kinds, including soccer, basketball, hockey, and more.


First V1sion player perspective shirt.

The First V1sion shirt also includes a microphone to capture on-field sounds.
Source: First V1sion.


First V1sion was a finalist in the Intel Make It Wearable competition, giving the company a grant of $50,000 and plenty of exposure. Their prototype was presented to Intel in November of last year.

Though the company did not win the Make It Wearable competition, First V1sion will be incorporated into broadcasts soon enough. The startup announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that Euroleague Basketball athletes will begin wearing their smart jerseys this coming season. First V1sion’s trial period with Euroleague Basketball will take place during training sessions, and then will be incorporated into the league’s Top 16 and Final Four games.

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