FDA Approves Back Pain Wearable ViMove

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dorsaVi, the Australian movement technology company, now has its ViMove device approved by the FDA for use in the United States according to a press release from dorsaVi. The approval marks a huge win for the Australian company, with the United States having one of the largest healthcare markets in the world with approximately 280,000 physical therapists and 660,000 physicians.


The ViMove device works to treat back pain through the monitoring of physical activity during all aspects of a wearer’s life, from work, exercises and home life, giving a physician a full view on how to asses the problems. In the ViMove contains four sensors to monitor activity, and do so through an accelerometer, gyrometer, and magnometer. In the clinic, the patient will do exercises to measure muscle activity and movement, with the ViMove providing instant biofeedback to the physician as well as a report with the data that was collected. With such technology being used to monitor back pain, physicians and clinics will get the benefits of having a biomechanic lab in their office, making their job much easier and accurate. Which is a problem according to market research firm GlobalData, with over $200 million wasted on unnecessary surgeries estimated by Medicare.


The dorsaVi ViMove System. Source: dorsaVi.com


This kind of technology is already being implemented in professional sports such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB to assist in monitoring athletic performance, however since it was never technically medical use the FDA never needed approval. Even so, the addition of the ViMove to clinics will provide great improvement in physical therapy, making the lives of the patients and the clinics much easier.


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