Fashion-favorite Rebecca Minkoff designs tech jewelry to keep your smartphone addiction hidden

Written By Allie Quill

In mid-2014, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with Case-Mate to create a line of wearables that would strike the hard-won perfect balance between disguising embedded tech and promoting an elegant aesthetic. Known for her bright and bold designs, Minkoff entered the tech jewelry game only to meet strong competition from the likes of Fitbit’s partner in fashion, Tory Burch.

Whereas Burch’s designs simply encase another wearable device, Minkoff’s deliver original functionality. Included in Minkoff’s wearable tech line is a gold chain-link Notification Bracelet that connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The bracelet will give a gentle buzz to alert the wearer of phone calls and text messages from specified numbers. Sold for about $120 at your local AT&T store, the bracelet boasts a battery life of up to 30 days.

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It’s a simple function for a wearable, but is one that’s born from Minkoff’s personal experiences. “As a woman, I understand the stigma that goes along with having my phone out at a dinner or meeting, but the fact is that I still need to be tapped in to a few people no matter what. I designed the notification bracelet with the working professional woman in mind,” Minkoff said.

In a similar vein to the Notification Bracelet is the Lightning Cable Bracelet, which manages to disguise a USB cable within a black leather band, complete with a gold clasp. Going for only $58, the wearable can charge and sync your phone on the go, all while staying relatively fashionable (it’s certainly not a petite piece of jewelry).

Minkoff’s designs are live on her website, allowing women across the world the possibility of hiding their additions to technology without having to unplug entirely. Now we can’t wait to see if Minkoff can find a way to develop her necklace-that-doubles-as-headphones concept in the coming seasons.

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