ESPN Comes to Pebble With Dedicated App

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For every sports junkie out there, life just became a little more simple. Pebble now offers a dedicated ESPN app for the smartwatch, so wearers can stay up to date on every sports game out there during that upcoming fall madness of the NFL, College Football and Basketball, and NBA.


ESPN for Pebble allows users to scroll through multiple game scores in real time. Source: Pebble.


Inside the app, wearers will be able to access multiple games simultaneously, allowing wearers be in the know while they can continue to be functioning human beings. Instead of devoting hours to the holy couch, Pebble wearers can keep their sports obsessions on the go, getting updates in real time as they happen. When the score changes, the watch will vibrate, letting wearers know that the game has been updated. However during the heat of basketball season, the watch might vibrate constantly, making it a little bit harder to focus on that deadline.


In addition to the sports listed above, the ESPN app has the ability to track just about every major sport, including NHL, MLB and NCAA sports.


For more info, check out Pebble’s blog post.

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