Enterprise Solutions Startup Augmate Raises $2.8m.

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Many smart eyewear devices such as Google Glass, Vuzix M100, and the Epson Moverio,, have seen improved popularity outside of consumer markets. Google announced its Glass at Work partners a few months ago, marking a big push for Glass to work as a B2B solution, and it appears they aren’t the only company to see the potential.


Augmate, a start-up based out of NYC, aims to integrate these smart eyewear devices into businesses and bring about what they call the “fourth Industrial Revolution.” The idea behind such a bold claim is that Augmate will bridge the gap between business information systems, machine-to-machine communication, and these smart devices, making business more efficient and streamlined. As Augmate describes it, they provide enterprises with developer tools through its device-agnostic SDK and an Insights platform for data visualization, as well as its pilot enterprise consulting arm: InnoVision. Which basically sums up to mean that they offer businesses ways to evaluate and strategize using wearable technology. However, Augmate primarily focuses on going after supply-chain and production heavy industries such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, aiming to use their enterprise system and SDK to fully streamline processes that tend to bog down these companies.


The Augmate Enterprise System.  Source: Augmate.

The Augmate Enterprise System.
Source: Augmate.


To give rise to an entirely new Industrial Revolution is no small feat, but if the investors from Augmate’s newest $2.8 Mil round of funding are any sign, they might well be on the path to bring about such a change, with some of those being UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Siemens Venture Capital, Simon Venture Group, Rothenberg Ventures, Excell Partners, and Camp One Ventures, just to name a few. In an increasingly cut-throat economy that strives for innovation and cost-cutting strategies, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that these behemoth companies are wanting to be on the forefront of their own industries, hoping to get an edge on competitors.


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