Ebay’s RedLaser Shopping App Comes to Glass

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RedLaser, Ebay’s shopping app available for smartphones, is out for Google Glass. Ebay’s entry for Glass marks a major addition to the growing list of apps available for Glass, pushing to bring the wearable glasses out of the niche market and into the mainstream.


RedLaser is now making a sci-fi dream a reality. The app allows Glass wearers to scan and check the prices of items, much like you would at the check-out counter of a grocery store. However, the big kicker here is that you just have to look at it. RedLaser will scan the barcode of an item from Glass, and then proceed to look up competing prices of it, of course it also shows you Ebay listings, and even throw in some brick-and-mortar stores nearby that you could purchase the item at.


RedLaser for Glass. Source: RedLaser.com


The app doesn’t allow the experience to be completely inclusive to Glass however. In order to complete a purchase online, you’ll have to whip out the old smartphone and use the app to actually purchase what you have been scanning.


With all of its futuristic vision, there is still more to be determined about where an app like RedLaser will function in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape. According to Ebay’s Q2 numbers, 59% of its transactions occur from a mobile device, meaning RedLaser’s app could have even more potential. As more and more consumers move their purchasing to a mobile platform, an app like RedLaser that brings consumers to a particular page could be all the difference in the world in buying at Ebay rather than a competitor.

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