Dubai Police Get Google Glass to Go Along with Lamborghinis

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It is a pretty well known fact that Dubai is known for a certain image of…let’s say luxury to put it lightly. While in just about any other place on earth, America included, a police force driving around in Lamborghinis and Bugatti Veyrons might sound like a Michael Bay film, in Dubai this is the norm. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the police force is now getting equipped with Google Glass, that let us not forget has a sticker price of $1,500 a pair. Pocket change.


A Dubai Lamborghini police cruiser.

A Dubai Lamborghini police cruiser.


Despite the inherent lavishness, the police force actually has some pretty interesting ways to integrate the smart eyewear into stopping and catching criminals.  The first undertaking using Glass will be in the traffic control sector of the force, utilizing the devices to identify vehicles with traffic violations. If that is successful, the force plans on using facial recognition software on Glass and a connected database of criminals to be able to recognize and confirm criminals increasing efficiency of arrests.


Dubai’s police force will be the first police department in the world to fully integrate Glass into their jobs. If the integration is successful, and the department sees improvements in their ability to do their job, other police forces could adopt the smart glasses as well, even more so if the price tag is driven down or subsidized. Other industries have begun to integrate Glass into their daily activities, improving efficiency and accessibility, particularly in the healthcare industry. As more industries pick up Glass, it might only be a matter of time until it reaches the mainstream consumer markets, and everyone you know will be wearing Glass.

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