Don’t let the Domino’s Pizza smartwatch app derail your fitness goals

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While wearables have a wide variety of uses for a wide variety of people, the most popular products among consumers are those with fitness tracking abilities. Fitbit and Jawbone are all the rage, and smartwatches like the Apple Watch can quantify your health, too.

But that’s not all smartwatches are good for! Hot off the press is the Domino’s Pizza smartwatch app. That’s right, you can order a pizza on the same device that you use to determine how many calories you’ve burned.



Domino’s app for Pebble and Android Wear smartwatches allows you to order a pizza without getting on a computer or pulling out a smartphone. But to be able to do this so seamlessly, you will first need to set up a profile and an “easy order” on Domino’s website. The app also features the pizza chain’s signature Domino’s Tracker, which gives updates on your pizza’s status once the order is placed.

Domino’s has done an excellent job of maintaining relevancy in the digital age. Thanks to its website and apps for Android and iOS devices, 50 percent of the company’s sales come through digital orders, according to Entrepreneur. Domino’s has even added a voice activated system called “Dom” to its apps, similar to Siri.

You can download the Domino’s Pizza smartwatch app in the Pebble App Store and the Google Play store now — just don’t allow it to derail your fitness goals.


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