Disney Uses Wearables for Seamless Travel

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Disney World just implemented a $1 billion system that allows visitors to enter hotel rooms and check in to ride attractions simply by swiping their smart band across sensors.


The system, called MyMagic+, pairs electronic wristbands with a mobile app to experience their stay at Disney World in a whole new way. The system allows visitors a more personalized experience by using the bands to: check in to flights and rooms, enter permission-required areas, store reservation and tickets information, access photos taken throughout the park, and most impressively, use them as a payments system throughout the park (via storing credit and debit card information tied to the room).


Disney has long offered a FastPass system that allows visitors to reserve tickets to attractions for a future time in order to avoid lengthy waits. Pairing the wristband with such a system is a natural evolution.


The case study first appeared in the Amadeus company blog, Shaping the Future of Travel: Macro Trends Driving Industry Growth Over the Next Decade.

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