Dior Eyes offers fashion voyeurs a virtual backstage pass

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Fashion stalwart Dior is joining the virtual reality bandwagon with the launch of Dior Eyes, a VR headset designed to give users an exclusive back-stage pass to the inner workings of the house and its latest Ready-to-Wear shows.

Available to “selected boutiques” at an undisclosed price sometime in the near future, the headset is meant to provide the voyeuristic fashion lover a feel for the high energy, professional lives of the players behind the runway. Its sleek black 3D printed body and backlit logo are representative of the style with which the fashion house has carried itself over the past half-century.

The move is reminiscent of YSL’s foray into Google Glass makeup tutorials last year, which were filmed from the artists POV to allow for an easy recreation of any given look. And while that venture has sort of fallen off (due in large part to the failure of Google Glass), it provided a service and not mere participation.

While at the forefront of fashion VR, Dior’s exclusivity on where and who will have access to the experience may be damaging if what they seek is communicative integration with their fan base. Why not offer all who walk into any Dior store the same backstage involvement? At the same time, Dior is a name that has built its fortune on the foundation of exclusivity, so the move may actually be brilliant indeed.

The headset drops in the spring of 2016.

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