Designing Wearables for the Fashionable Woman

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Deepa Sood discovered the need for more fashionably inclined, female driven design in wearables at a dinner in 2013. Her husband and his friends were geeking out over the Nike+ Fuelband’s look and function. But when she and her friends tried to make the, albeit wonderfully designed, band work with their ensembles, the look didn’t work. Realizing the value that the device brings, she set out to create a solution herself. Thus, her new company Cuff.


Deepa Sood

Deepa Sood

Cuff currently focuses around their core product CuffLinc, and its available accessories. Customers can currently choose from four different packages ranging from the basic Cufflinc for $35, to the most premium package at $110, which includes two cuffs, a sports bracelet, a leather bracelet, and a necklace pendant.


Since the device itself is modular, customers have the ability to exchange the accessories that houses the tracker for different looks.



In terms of functionality, the device currently focuses on security alerts, fitness tracking, and notifications.

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