The crowdfunding charts: In-ear fertility tracking, bone conduction headphones, and more

Written By Ellis Frederick

It’s hard to say what the “next big thing” is when there are so many exciting new implementations of wearable technology are coming out on a regular basis. Where do you even begin to sort through the lot of them? Well, crowdfunding websites are a good start. In fact, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hotbeds for the latest and greatest wearable technologies — and when a campaign raises way more than their initial goal, you know it’s destined for greatness. Below are what we think could be the next-big-things according to the crowdfunding charts this week.

What campaigns hit crowdfunding this week

REMOVU S1 on Indiegogo

Started: August 25
Goal: $20,000
Raised as of August 28: $74,757 (goal reached!)

If you thought there was no way your GoPro camera could get better, think again. REMOVU S1 is a GoPro accessory designed to let you control your camera, no matter where it’s mounted. Say you’re capturing footage from the top of your bike helmet. Not only can REMOVU S1 stabilize your recording thanks to its rotary sensors, but you can also wirelessly control the camera angle with a Bluetooth-connected remote.

It’s also totally waterproof, so don’t worry if you get caught in the rain. REMOVU S1 is going for the Early Bird price of $199, so hurry before the price jumps.

Pulsar on Kickstarter

Started: August 24
Goal: $5,000
Raised as of August 28: $1,032

An emphasis on personalization remains consistent as wearables grow in popularity, and it’s what Pulsar, a wearable LED-light, is all about. Pulsar is designed to be used in multiple ways, from a nightlight to the centerpiece of your Iron Man costume.

With Pulsar, you can choose the light’s colors, animation patterns, and more through a smartphone app. How is this customization possible? According to its Kickstarter page, Pulsar is a big fan of Open-Source devices. By putting the power in users’ hands, this startup is making the experience of its product much more individualized.

What campaigns are hot this week

AfterShokz on Indiegogo

Started: August 18
Goal: $65,000
Raised as of August 28: $243,812 (goal reached!)

AfterShokz is a Syracuse, New York-based start up with an unusual idea for headphones. With a unique design and already-patented technology, AfterShokz is taking the concept of “open ear music” and making it completely its own. The titanium-framed headphones fit around the back of the head, no wires attached.

The “open ears” part of the slogan refers to AfterShokz’s use of bone conduction technology. This allows for audio to transmit through your cheekbones, providing a hassle-free sound experience ideal for fitness or outdoor activities. You can also control the headphones from the device itself, so no need to take out your phone every time you want to switch the song.

YONO Fertility Friend on Kickstarter

Started: August 3
Goal: $30,000
Raised as of August 28: $44,177 (goal reached!)

YONO Fertility Friend could be the most important device a woman trying to get pregnant could ever use. YONO is a small in-ear wearable than detects your body temperature. You then sync that data with your smartphone, and from there, a smartphone app uses that information to determine your menstrual cycle.

YONO was created when its founder Vanessa learned from first-hand experience how difficult it is to record a month’s worth of basal body temperature (BBT). By making this process easier, YONO could be making conceiving easier for countless women.

What campaigns could use some love

Live Comfy on Kickstarter

Started: August 18
Goal: $30,000
Raised as of August 28: $5,466

So your flight got delayed, and now you’re stuck in an airport for the next five hours. We’ve all been there and know it’s not the most comfortable place to be. The dirty carpets, the metal chairs… how can you relax? Enter: Live Comfy, the ergonomic travel jacket that hopes to make your travel experience a little more cozy.

It seems like Live Comfy, based in Denver, thought of everything they could to make this jacket (which looks like your standard hoodie) as useful as possible: internal air system, internal audio, Bluetooth connectivity, water-resistance for washing, and multiple color options. It’s a unique solution to space-consuming alternatives like neck pillows and big blankets. This Kickstarter campaign is going on until October 1st, so go support Live Comfy today.

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