Coke Teams Up with Misfit for Wearable Just Dance Game

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Coke, the largest soft-drink manufacturer in the world, will be entering the wearables arena to create a new Just Dance game along with Misfit Wearables to encourage healthy living for teens.


The Coca Cola Misfit Shine. Source: Coca Cola.

The Coca Cola Misfit Shine. Source: Coca Cola.

I know that sounds like a sentence from some dream world, but it is actually quite a smart move from Coke. Coke is one of the most profitable companies in the world, with budgets large enough that they can sponsor an entire wearable experience, just to hopefully move the sales needle a fraction of a percentage. So, as a part of Coke’s healthier living initiative “Movement Through Happiness” (to counteract the less desirable effects of their drinks), Coke has partnered with Misfit to release a specially branded Coke Misfit Shine.


In addition to the release of the fitness tracker, Coke has continued their partnership with global game designer Ubisoft to release a mobile version of their Just Dance game series called Just Dance Now. The game is available as a download on the App Store or Google Play, with limited and ad-supported versions both available. To celebrate the release of both products and the intersection of them, Coke held a gigantic dance event in Paris, showcasing the products and featuring professional hip-hop dancers.


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