CES Day 1: New Wearables for 2015

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The International Consumer Electronics Show opened this morning with a flood of announcements from big name brands and new up-and-comers entering the wearables market. Wearables.com is here at the show to get a firsthand look at the good, the bad, and the refreshingly unique wearables that consumers can look forward to in 2015. Here are a few of the products that we’re hoping to get a closer look at during the show.


Cerevo SNOW-1

Cerevo announced its newly developed SNOW-1 snowboard bindings with Bluetooth4.0 LE module and various sensors. When using SNOW-1, data measured and accumulated will be transmitted to a smartphone in real time connected by bluetooth which allows snowboarders to analyze their rides.





Garmin came out strong announcing three new watches that will hit the market this spring: the vivoactive, the fenix 3, and the epix. The vivoactive is the most affordable and offers all the GPS essentials as well as vibration alerts for heart rate and pace. The fenix 3 offers a highly sophisticated navigation toolset with both GPS and GLONASS capabilities, battery life of 20 hours in GPS mode, and a color display with an LED backlight among other capabilities. The epix is for your outdoor enthusiast and comes preloaded with a worldwide shaded relief basemap, 8 gigs of memory for additional maps and an altimeter, barometer and compass.



From left: The vivoactive, the epix and the fenix 3


Epson Wearables

Epson announced its foray into the wearables market with its Pulsense continuous heart rate activity monitors, Runsense GPS sports and running monitors, and M-Tracer golf swing analyzers. Epson created a new product category called Epson Active that represents the company’s product umbrella for sports, fitness and health wearables so we expect to see the company take a bolder step in the wearables market.


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 12.45.06 PM


Razer Nabu X

Razer added a second wearable to its portfolio with the Nabu X. The Nabu X is very similar to the original Nabu and the only major difference is the Nabu X doesn’t have a display. Where the Nabu had a small OLED display that would show notifications when they came in, the Nabu X has a set of three LEDs. The Nabu X will use those LEDs to inform wearers of what type of notification is coming in, using different colors to signify different apps.




ReSound smart hearing aid

One of the more interesting products we saw today was the expanding portfolio of ReSound’s smart hearing aids. ReSound smart hearing aids allows users to tailor their hearing experience to match their personal preferences and needs in a way that’s both discreet and easy through the ReSound Smart app. ReSound was initially only available on iOS-enabled devices, but is expanding to Android devices this year starting with the Samsung Galaxy S5.



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