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Globally Positioning Sport, the Canberra based pioneer in GPS sport technology, has officially been acquired by Catapult Sports. The company was among the first of its kind to develop and sell GPS based sport technology, first being founded in 2000. Catapult Sports similarly makes high performance wearables for the elite sporting world, providing wearable fitness tracking solutions to Universities and professional sport teams throughout the world.


GPSports has developed hardware and software for a number of athletic teams, particularly professional rugby and football teams. In 2012, GPSports released its very own fitness tracking device, aptly named the SPI HPU (High Performance Unit). The device contains features of other fitness trackers including all performance data and heart rate monitoring capabilities, but differs from other major competitors in its use on sports teams. The device contains impact collision capabilities from its accelerometer, as well as its claim-to-fame GPS positioning to improve tracking, making it a device ideal for high impact sports such as rugby or American football.

The SPI HPU (High Performance Unit). Source:


Catapult Sports markets its fitness tracking systems to the same market as GPSports, making the acquisition a seamless transition for the Canberra based company. In an interview with Catapult CEO Shaun Holthouse, he stated regarding the transition, “Day one after the acquisition, we expect the only thing GPSports users will notice is an increased focus on customer service as we invest in this side of the operation.” GPSports will stay at its home in Canberra, despite Catapult recently developing a Melbourne office to meet greater Australian demand.


For more information on the acquisition, check out the full report on Catapult’s website.


Video: GPSports Systems YouTube Channel.


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