Carrera-inspired Tag Heuer smartwatch to be released this fall

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With the recently released Apple Watch hitting stores across the globe, the smartwatch has rapidly changed the function of your average timepiece. Highly-functional and highly-digital, the Apple Watch is landing on the wrists of millions — and this fact that has not gone unnoticed by the head of Tag Heuer’s parent company, LVMH, Jean-Claude Biver.

However, instead of seeing competition, Biver saw an opportunity.

As reported in March, Tag Heuer announced a new partnership with both Google and Intel to create the ultimate design in smartwatches. Biver announced the partnership as “Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technological innovation with watchmaking credibility. Our collaboration provides a rich host of synergies, forming a win-win partnership, and the potential for our three companies is enormous.”

Now, the Tag Heuer smartwatch, said to be modeled after the Carrera, has received a release date of October or November of 2015. While the elite Tag watch will set you back about $1,400 according to Bloomberg compared to the Apple Watch’s range from $349-$12,000, it’s 40 hour battery life dominates Apple’s that sits at only about 18 hours for a single charge.

Tag’s UK Communications Manager, Alexandra King, revealed that the watch will be forward-focused, adapting the technology to be upgradable as time goes on. With the hardware and software coming from Silicon Valley, the design and aesthetics will be entirely Swiss as a way to “appear as though you are wearing a regular watch” according to Biver.

Biver hopes that Apple will “sell millions and millions of [their watches]. The more they sell, the more a few people will want something different and will come to Tag Heuer.”

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