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Add another wearable to the list of Kickstarter campaign dominations! Bragi’s kickstarter for their Dash earbuds raised a total of $3,390,551, or in other words more than 13 times their goal raise of $260,000. The Munich, Germany-based company has built what they claim to be the world’s first smart earbuds. The water resistant buds can carry 1,000 songs, track performance, and feature body sensors.

Inside the Bragi Dash

The earbuds’ components include 4GB storage, an accelerometer, antenna, earbone mic, pulse oximeter, and transducer. All of this allows for a myriad of uses built around three core functions: listening, tracking, and communicating.

Listen: As seen in the video above, users can play music directly from the earbuds or from their smartphone via Bluetooth. The earbuds offer passive noise isolation to reduce sounds around you; or alternatively to hear things clearer, think superhuman ears, the buds offer audio transparency to improve hearing sounds around you.

Track: The Dash can track heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and calories burned. Movement is also monitored, tracking pace, steps, distance, and cadence. Different from other fitness trackers on the market, the Dash can communicate vital stats to you directly by speech.

Communicate: The Dash acts as a Bluetooth headset that can be connected directly to smartphones to take calls. The earbone microphone allows users to talk back and converse actively. Ambient sound can be reduced during communication with the swipe of a finger directly on the earbuds.

The Dash earbuds are available for pre-order for $299. They come in white or black, and feature a smartphone app to get quick and easy use right out of the box. Bragi also offers a developer package where purchasers can sign up for a soon-to-be-delivered SDK.

Check out Bragi’s site for more information.

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