Bing Predicts Wearables As Top Tech Trend For 2015

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Now that we are in 2015, Microsoft search engine Bing has compiled data from 2014 in order to estimate what tastes and trends will be popular. Using their Big Predicts technology, Bing is predicting that wearables will be some of the most popular technologies in the coming year. They’ve even predicted which specific wearables will be trendy.


In North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific area, Bing says, wearables will be the number one technology trend in 2015, while they rank at number two in South America. Other trends listed are digital personal assistants, home automation, 3-D printing, and virtual reality gaming.


In a short insight summary, Bing states, “Wearable devices aren’t going anywhere soon. From watches to fitness bands, Bing predicts we’ll be seeing them just about everywhere in 2015, and they’ll be anything but basic. These bands are more than just a commitment to health and wellness, they are becoming a must-have fashion accessory.”


Bing Predicts 2015 Wearables

Source: Bing Predictions


Bing’s wearables predictions go into specific wearable technologies that will be popular in 2015. In all four areas of the world Bing has divided their data into, the Apple Watch is ranked at number one. Other wearables in the rankings include Fitbit devices, Samsung Gear devices, and the Microsoft Band. The insight summary for wearables says early entrants Google Glass and the Nike Fuelband will “succumb in popularity to newer devices from companies that took more time to offer a wearable.


Bing’s predictions for 2015 include other categories such as food and travel. The search engine also predicts the outcomes of the Super Bowl, NCAA Football Championship, 57 Annual Grammy Awards, and 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

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