The best golf wearables to improve your game and swing

Written By Tom Hushen

Despite what you may think, golf isn’t your dad’s sport anymore. With wearable technology breaking into many facets of our lives, it was only a matter of time before we found a way to quantify our golfing performance.

Smartwatch and sensory technology have come a long way in helping golfers hone their skills, even despite their level of experience. Do you need a little help with distance or keep getting the ball stuck in a sandpit? Fear no more because we took a look at wearables for your wrist, hands, and even your back that will help you get the best golf swing.

The best golf watches, GPS golf devices, and swing analyzers


The Game Golf Classic is revolutionizing the way you play golf. This unique wearable has small sensors that plug into the end of your grips and another sensor on your belt that records data from your round. This device is completely independent and doesn’t bluetooth to a smartphone. Instead, users will upload their data to a computer, where users will be able to view data on automatic game tracking, shot detection, club performance, and shot dispersion, just to name a few. Users will be able to get their best golf swing down with a little help from this wearable (which is available for $199).

Garmin Approach S6

The running joke is that this watch will do everything your caddy does, and for $399 bucks, it better. The Garmin Approach S6 is the sixth generation device to come out from the company that basically marketed GPS tech to the masses. Golfing enthusiast website Critical Golf  gave the smartwatch and astounding score of 95 out of 100, and for good reason. The Garmin golf GPS watch comes with a top of the line tracker and overhead map display, all tucked under a touchscreen. It has built in scoring and statistic tracking to make this one of the top performing golf watches on the market today.

Zepp Golf Sensor

Golfing is intended to be a relaxing sport, but if you’re trying to step up your game, it can be frustrating when you aren’t seeing results. Zepp recently put out a relatively affordable ($149) new golfing wearable that is designed to improve your performance with real time data tracking — without having to wear a bulky GPS golf watch. The golfer’s swing device is a tracker that you attach to your glove and monitors your club speed, hip rotation, swing plane, tempo, and back swing position. The data is fed to an app on your smartphone that creates a visual representation of your performance. The data can even come together to give you a 3D visual of the swing you just performed.

TomTom golfer

Figuring out the distance to hazard spots on the field, like sandpits and doglegs, can be a little tricky, but with the TomTom Golfer smartwatch, even beginners can avoid them with ease. The golf watch has a GPS tracker that allows users to expertly navigate the course they are on. This watch does some of the things that you would expect from a smartwatch like a bluetooth to your phone and have an updating calendar, but TomTom decided to leave out some of the unnecessary things, such as notifications. This watch is explicitly for improving your game and getting around the field comfortably. At $249, the watch is a little more cost effect that the Garmin Approach S6, but you may not be able to do as much.

Swingbyte 2


This golfing wearable isn’t one you attach to your arm or wrist. Rather, users will attach the device to the golf club itself. The amount is data retrieval by simply moving the wearable to the club is outrageous. Users will be able to monitor club head speed, club loft, lie angle, face-to-path at impact, attack angle, shaft lean, tempo, all your initial angles around loft, lie and face angle. The data is shown in real time by bluetoothing to your smartphone and presented on the Swingbyte app. From there, users will get full visual representation of their data in order to improve performance. If you think $169 is a bit expensive, consider that this is one of the few devices that will show you a 360-degree swing path of your recent swing.

Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable device that analyzes your posture and helps user improve it. While golfing may not have been the intended use, the device certainly has the ability to assist your form. Users will rest the device on their upper torso and allow it to measure your body alignment. You calibrate it every time you put it on and can set it to a range of positions. The wearable will then monitor how far you vary from the position throughout your game so you can get the best swing. There aren’t very many other wearables that focus on posture, and priced at only $100 bucks, we’d say this was a steal.

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