BeBop Sensors’ smart fabric could bring forth preventative clothing

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“We are the only company that’s offering fabric that’s responsive to physical changes such as bend, stretch, tension, pressure, and is able to locate x and y vectors and is reliable, can be produced on large scales and is affordable,” BeBop Sensors founder and CEO Keith McMillen told Wareable.

It’s a mouthful, but every descriptor is necessary, as BeBop may have developed the best smart fabric yet. BeBop uses smart fabrics “to provide sensor solutions to OEMs, including arm, grip, insole, skullcap and base sensors that can, according to the company, ‘comprehend force, location, size, weight, shape, motion and presence across any size, resolution and geometry.'”

BeBop was spun off of McMillen’s previous company, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI), which creates computers with sensors that look and function like traditional musical instruments. There, McMillen received many requests from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for his sensor technology.

BeBop’s Monolithic Fabric Sensor Technology is now turning heads because of its versatility. McMillen reports sports business’ plan on using BeBop fabric for smart clothing or shoe insoles, and also told Silicon Angel that “airline companies and automakers have contacted us with interest for our technology’s integration into their seats.”

As BeBop Sensors grows, McMillen hopes to add a variety of fabrics to the collection, like meshes. “As we’re able to offer more options to clothing manufacturers, it will become less difficult for someone to consider it,” he said.

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