Aware-ables: Cisco’s Evolution of Wearables

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Cisco Chief Futurist David Evans believes wearables will evolve to a heightened state of awareness, hence the term “aware-ables,” as the number of connected devices increases. In his post on Linked In, Evans mentions the framework by which he thinks wearables will evolve, which he has dubbed the Three C’s:

  • Contact: with the human body.
  • Connections: with the world around you.
  • Context: providing relevant information.

Cisco’s Daniel Evans’ Three C’s


Evans discusses the current nascent state of the wearables market as one where the devices are telling us what we are doing, but not how we are doing. The best example is the fact that most fitness trackers, which presently make up the lions’ share of the consumer wearables market, are best for telling us what we did during the day: how many steps we took, how many hours we slept, etc. This retroactive application is insightful, but not as actionable as the device using this data to provide prescriptive information to act on.

Per Evans, the first C, Contact, is required in order for the devices to properly capture the relevant data about you. The second C, Connections, will only become more powerful as the number of connected devices increases. Evans mentions that developments in 5G will provide mobile devices with bandwidths able to turn wearables into supercomputers. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the third C, Context, discusses how connected devices will improve to not just connect individuals, data, and devices, but will connect the right individuals to the right data and devices. Through contextual awareness wearables will evolve to provide benefits much greater than currently possible.

The post is the first in a two-set series. The following post will discuss the evolutionary track of wearable technology, from infancy to future stages of growth and adoption.




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