Austin City Limits Joins Lollapalooza With Cashless Wristband

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C3 Productions, the event production and artist management company, has decided to integrate their cashless system from Lollapalooza into their Austin-based music festival Austin City Limits. After the success of the cashless wristband earlier this summer at Lolla, the move marks a trend of further integration of wearables into the music festival/live concert area.


Without going into too much repetition from the Lolla wristband, ACL Cashless doubles as a wearable wallet of sorts, connecting to your respective credit card via RFID enabled chip in the ticket. Then once the account is linked beforehand, paying for anything from a much needed water bottle or an amazing burger is as simple as a tap of the wrist and enter the pre-selected PIN. The idea to move the festival’s ancillary services to a cashless system is a win-win-win for both C3, the vendors, and the festival-goers, making each transaction more secure, quicker, and easier. ACL Cashless keeps payments secure as well by not actually storing any financial data, only connecting to the credit card in order to make purchases.


The problem with carrying around cash or even wallets, is that they become a hassle, and even more importantly they can get stolen. With so many people crowding around in one space, a quick hand can easily steal a wallet out of a back pocket or a purse before anyone even knows what happened. Not to mention no more dealing with expensive non-descriptive ATMs when you inevitably run out of cash, and the only beer stand you want only accepts cash.


For more information on how ACL Cashless works, check out the FAQ ACL has posted on their website.

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