ASUS Reveals First Wearable: ZenWatch

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With more companies entering the vastly undetermined consumer wearables market, they all want to set themselves apart, and see if they can give themselves the edge before the tipping point of wearables going mainstream. ASUS, the Taiwanese multinational corporation, announced they were the next to join the race at this year’s IFA with their first entry, the ZenWatch.


The ASUS ZenWatch will be join the likes of Motorola, LG, and Samsung in the growing line of Android Wear devices, bringing the relatively new OS to further prominence against competitors. The watch will feature a special version of the ASUS ZenUI, featuring specific developments for the watch to work in tandem with its Android smartphone counterpart.


Apart from the features that go into Android Wear, the ZenWatch comes with its own unique features, such as Remote Camera, which allows users to see their phone’s camera viewfinder straight from the watch, as well as the other way around too. Additionally, it takes advantage of the built-in sensors in the watch with the ZenUI Wellness App, transforming the fashionable watch into a fitness tracker to measure heart rate, calories, steps, or even relaxation levels.


Source: ASUS.

Source: ASUS.


The design behind the ZenWatch is arguably its most prominent feature however, with a curved screen (similar to the recently announced Samsung Gear S), and a classic leather band that fuses the idea of a fashionable wristwatch with the high tech interface of a smartwatch. As more watches enter the marketspace, their features tend to level out, leaving it up to the design of the watch to grab consumers and persuade them to make that purchase. Even as early as it is, a more fashionable and accessible watch like the ZenWatch could be the edge that’s needed to set it apart. The watch is currently priced at €199 in Europe, with no word on pricing in the US.

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