Apple Watch to Ship in April

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Tim Cook pointed to April 2015 as the expected launch date for the much anticipated Apple Watch. This happened during Apple‘s earnings call.


Source: Apple.

Source: Apple.


The launch date for the Apple Watch was originally hinted as “early 2015” which led most to speculate a first quarter (i.e., January through March) 2015 launch. No shortage of speculation and reporting from “trusted sources” has come out since the watch was first announced in September of 2014.


Apple is not known for announcing product launch dates, even if during an earnings call, which have led some to speculate even further that this is Apple‘s way of hiding an early launch in March. However, Apple did release limited access to their Apple Watch developer platform WatchKit, and this announcement may act as a way to assure developers that their time invested in furthering the platform is not ill spent.


Cook also added that his expectations for the Apple Watch launch are “very high,” and that [he is] “using it every day and love it and can’t live without it.”


Cook did also say that “2015 will be the year of Apple Pay,” a feature that many are hoping is core to the Apple Watch experience.


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