Apple Watch pre-order live, offers huge variability with 38 models

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Editor’s note: As of 9am Central, Apple sold out of several Apple Sport models available to ship in 4-6 weeks. Shipping now expected for June.

In the wee hours of the morning, the Apple Watch pre-order finally went live online. With the it comes the corresponding release of a huge amount of information in regards to variability on bands, sizes, faces, finishes and more — all of which affect the final price tag.

Every single Apple Watch — whether it be the entry-level Apple Watch Sport, mid-tier Apple Watch, or uber-luxury Apple Watch Edition — functions exactly the same. It’s the bells and whistles like the 18 karat rose and yellow gold casings that catapult prices to $10,000 (and well past that to $17,000).

Apple Watch Pre-order is live


Bands can also be bought separately, ranging from the $49 Sport Band to the $449 Link Bracelets which have 100 components and require nine hours cut. Additionally, the smartwatch comes with 8GB of storage, offering twice as much as Android Wear watches.

Apple Watch Band Sizing Information


With its first wearable device, Apple has introduced a sizing guide for the product — further testing its ability to adapt to the retail market. and consumer needs that come along with it. There’s bound to be some confusion when it comes to wrist measurements and the mention of S, M, L sizes, which appear on the sizing guide and on bands but not on the Watch pages.

Apple Watch Sizing Guide


Pre-orders receive a notification that available shipping is 4-6 weeks out, meaning it make not arrive in your mailbox until anywhere between May 13th and May 27th. As of now, it’s available in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

The internet is already buzzing about what the designs of the Apple Watch 2 will be, and whether or not the company will introduce a round face to compete with more traditional luxury watch makers now interning the smartwatch market like Tag Heuer (recently partnered with Google and Intel).

Here’s what’s available so far:

  • Apple Watch Sport: Available in 10 models ($350 to $400).
  • Apple Watch: Available in 20 models ($550 to $1,099).
  • Apple Watch Edition: Available in eight models ($10k to $12k).
  • Bands: Some available in three sizes, others only in one. Prices range from $50 to $450.
  • Accessories: The only Apple Watch-specific accessory is the magnetic charging cable. All others are general Apple device items. 
  • Apple Care: From $50 to $1,500 for Apple Care+.

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