Apple Watch May Need Daily Charging

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Watches way back in the day (pre-1800’s) needed to be wound daily in order to keep ticking along. Now more than 200 years later, it seems in a way that watches may be returning to their former glory of daily maintenance.


In an interview with WSJ:D, Apple CEO Tim Cook went into detail on the upcoming and highly anticipated Apple Watch, saying “We think people are going to use it so much you will end up charging it daily.” So, in other words the watch might last longer than a day, but that would mean you’re not using it as much as you probably should. This might come as a big disappointment who thought Apple’s plans for a reality distortion field were going to have large yields for the device’s battery life. Sadly, not so much.


Apple CEO Tim Cook. Source: Wall Street Journal.

Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Source: Wall Street Journal.


On the slightly brighter side, the Apple Watch’s possible lackluster battery life isn’t necessarily lackluster. In fact, for a device that is doing as much as it does, its battery life is comparable to the other smart watches out right now. It’s been well discussed that for wearables to really take off, battery life is probably going to be one of the first issues that needs to be solved. The problem lies in that the devices keep getting smaller, they are energy taxing, and as opposed to your phone, is designed to be worn all day long.


Troubles aside, there have been some interesting improvements in the realm of battery life. Just recently Panasonic unveiled plans for a pin-sized battery, that is 1/20th the size of a AAA battery. The fact is, batteries are getting smaller and more powerful. It just might take a little while to get there.


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