Apple Watch giveaway: Get one for free in exchange for a user review

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No, you didn’t misread that headline. We’re really giving away Apple Watches. aims to be the most exciting and unique place online for consumers and brands to connect. If you’re familiar with our site, you know about the brand pages, where you can learn about the company behind your favorite devices.

You also might be aware of our authoritative product database. Here you can explore wearable technology by use case (running, swimming, etc.), category (smartwatch, smart glasses, etc.), body part (ankle, wrist, etc.), features (water resistant, etc.), tracking metrics, and price range.

To inspire even more dialog in this competitive, cutting-edge industry, we’ve procured two Apple Watches just for you. That’s right, you can win an Apple Watch for free. All you have to do is submit your own user review about the device (we don’t want to have to take it back from you), and it’s yours forever.

So enter to win if you’re inspired to slice and dice (but not really, it’s pretty impenetrable) the good the bad and, if you so believe, the ugly about the Apple Watch.

Never written a review? No worries. Once we select our two random winners, we’ll provide them with the type of honest feedback we’re looking for, and our team is here to guide the winners through the process. This product is the start of a very bright future for wearable tech.

Enter the Apple Watch giveaway here, and don’t forget to read the fine print.

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