Apple Watch Edition Could Cost $5,000

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Apple is, presumably, launching its Apple Watch at an event on March 9, but there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding the product–specifically, its price point. So far, we only know specifics about the Apple Watch Sport: it will come with an aluminum watchframe and a colorful fluoroelastomer band, costing $349. That’s a far cry from what’s expected of other versions. Specifically, the Apple Watch Edition is cased in 18 karat gold or rose gold.


Greg Koenig, co-founder of camera-strap makers Luma Labs, took to Twitter with his predictions for the Edition. Koenig took his Apple Watch models to help estimate the amount of gold on the watch, which he says is 29.16 grams. That’s around $1200 worth of gold. Apple has said the gold will be less malleable than “standard” gold, though, which may affect the price of the raw material.


Apple Watch Gold

Source: Gre Koenig Twitter, @gak_pdx.


Gold isn’t the only material on the Edition, of course. The most important feature, the electronic watchface, has a sapphire crystal screen and a retina display. Ian Morris at Forbes says “it’s quite unlikely that the Watch Edition will cost Apple less than $1500.”


So, how much will the Apple Watch Edition cost? Koenig said in a second Tweet, “If anyone thinks Apple is charging less than $5k for the Edition, they are smoking crack. Based on the gold content alone, $5k easy.” Morris estimates Apple will charge $8,000 for the smartwatch.


It’s worth noting that the Edition will come with a variety of band types, which may create a price range for the product. Apple’s website shows a leather-type material band and a sport band as options. In addition to the Edition and Sport, there will be the signature Apple Watch, made with silver or black stainless steel.

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