Apple Watch 2 rumors point to a bigger battery and more independence

Written By Tom Hushen

Let’s face it. The Apple Watch hit a bit of a slowdown as of late. Slice Intelligence reports that where Apple once pushed 35,000 units a day, it now only sells around 5,000. But don’t write off Apple just yet. Rumors for the Apple Watch 2 are starting to make their rounds on the Internet, and it seems that the smartwatch could to make a serious comeback.

Pretty Sure

Flexible OLED, bigger battery

BGR is reporting that Apple may introduce OLED screens supplied by Samsung, to be used in addition to the AMOLED screens currently on all models. This would be a wonderful move because an OLED screen would create a lighter watch and more space for a bigger battery. We call this rumor likely since Apple is expected to keep the original design and demand is high for battery improvements.

Less Bluetooth, more independence

The idea of dropping some of the bluetooth functions on the smartwatch also seems to be pretty popular. Allowing the watch to perform functions on its own, rather than through an iPhone, could be a huge step into allowing the watch to stand on its own. Currently, mobile payment, activity tracking, and music playback all perform independently. Things like sending and receiving emails, texts, and other data heavy documents, require bluetooth.

Additional (expensive) pricepoints

More models that push the $1,000 dollar marker are expected to be coming with the Apple Watch 2. 9to5 is also reporting that Apple may want to start introducing new models that feature different materials, such as titanium, tungsten, palladium, and platinum.

Less Likely

FaceTime camera

One rumor that took the Internet by storm was putting a forward facing camera on the watch. 9to5Mac is reporting that improved FaceTime functions, such as implementing an actual camera and answering FaceTime video directly on your watch, could be coming to the Apple Watch 2.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to put a camera on a smartwatch, considering that Samsung already did this in 2013. While that would be an awesome addition, it seems unlikely since major complaints have been surrounding battery life. The transition may come for a later model, but don’t count on it for the Apple Watch 2.

When can we get it?

While no release date has been announced yet, it is expected for the Apple Watch 2 announcement to be roughly the same time as last year, sometime around September. Here’s hoping for a new and improved Apple Watch, where our days won’t be ruined if we forget to charge it before bed.

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