Apple Insiders Reveal More On Apple Watch’s Battery

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Apple has remained relatively quiet about the Apple Watch’s battery life, only saying that the smartwatch will need to be charged every night. However, Apple insiders have now told Apple news site 9to5Mac more of what to expect.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, battery life has been a main concern for the company, which is part of the reason why the Apple Watch’s launch was pushed from later 2014 to early 2015. Apple has been testing the Watch for “real-world performance in a variety of conditions.” To do this, they sent out around 3,000 Apple Watches to be used as test units.


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9to5Mac’s sources say the Apple Watch’s battery will last for four days in sleep mode and three days in passive mode. Battery life on continuous app use will depend on how heavy app usage is, ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. The Fitness app, however, can run for up to four hours if it’s the only app in use.


When the smartwatch is in its timekeeping mode, it can display its clock face for about three hours. 9to5Mac points out that “it’s unlikely that most people would actually keep the Apple Watch clock face turned on for even three hours straight in a single day. When the Watch screen is not in use, the display is powered off, and the clock demands much less energy.”


Apple Watch’s battery life-related issues come from running a powerful processor and high-quality screen. It uses an Apple S1 chip that functions similarly to the Apple A5 processor, which the most recent iPod Touches use. Apple Watch also has a Retina color display.


Apple will ship Apple Watches by the end of March. Prices will range based on materials and design.

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