Apple Continues to Hire MedTech Experts

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According to a recent report by Reuters, Apple Inc. has continued to hire experts in medical tech, fueling industry rumors of a coming wearable tech product focused on health and wellness. Mentions of Apple’s testing of a Healthbook app have also circulated signaling that the device and software maker is in fact building and testing products within the fitness tracking and health monitoring market. Apple has also been registering the trademark “iWatch” in various countries and classes.

According to Reuters, over the last six months Apple has hired prominent experts in bio medicine and sensor technology, the latter of which Apple CEO Tim Cook has made mention as a space prime to see explosive growth. The hires have come from companies such as Vital Connect, Masimo Corp., Sano Intelligence, and 02 MedTech. These companies specialize in a range of biosensing and wearable products including remote monitoring, pulse oximetry, and blood chemistry data.

Apple has not released a new product since it debuted the iPad in 2010.


See the original report on Reuters here.

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