Apple beefs up Apple Watch sales training with fashion-forward tactics

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Did you ever dream of a day when you’d wait in line to ask a dude sporting a cotton Apple t-shirt about… personal style?

In all fairness, said salesperson probably never imagined a scenario either in which a job at an Apple storefront meant consulting on fashion. But, alas, the day has come when doling out sartorial advice has been formally added to the “Apple Store Specialist” job description.

To push the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch (preorder April 10), salespeople are reportedly being trained on how to help potential customers select the device that best suits his or her personality and lifestyle. Yes, you may now go file this report under “amusing.”

9to5Mac published a detailed report culled from “employees briefed on the plans,” which outlines the customer profiles Apple created to impart upselling wisdom on its employees.

Apple is encouraging employees to build relationships with customers to understand their purchase plans, stylistic wants, and fashion needs. Apple has created multiple sample personas (shown above and below) to prepare employees for the launch. Apple also asks employees to recommend different fashion and style choices. Employees have been told to make comments such as “you seem to have a fun style. I think the Pink Sport band would match your style perfectly,” or “the white strap looks great on you.” Apple offers guidelines for making fashion and style advice:

  • Make comments about why you think an option is a good choice rather than discussing why an option may not be a good choice.

  • Explain how earlier customers made decisions between models.

  • Use other accessories [already] on a customer as examples for which model would look best.

  • If the customer is with another person, make sure to get the opinion of that person on which model should be purchased.

  • Don’t focus on price as a reason to recommend an option because many customers may be willing to spend more for a model that makes them feel good.

It will be interesting, if not entertaining, to see how the staff adapts to such tactics normally employed in a luxury apparel setting. Though, the techniques shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the key hires the corporation has made from within the fashion industry — namely, Chester Chipperfield (Burberry), Musa Tariq (Burberry), Paul Deneve (YSL), and Jacob Jordan (Louis Vuitton).

But if we may give one word of advice? Unless any of the above heavy-hitting fashionistas(os) are standing before you, simply trust your gut when choosing which Apple Watch truly reflects your ever-unique personality. You know yourself better than any well-trained sales sleuth out there.

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