App To Aid First Responders Launches On Pebble

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CommandWear, a wearable technology and public safety solutions company based in Vancouver, has created an app for Pebble smartwatches. The app was created to make the jobs of first responders much easier. Now, first responders can use CommandWear hands-free.


CommandWear founder and CEO Michael Morrow says the company teamed up with Pebble because they create the best wearables for their app, thanks to the smartwatches’ “durability, long battery life and simplicity that all first responders need.” “Wearable technology has been a focus of CommandWear from the beginning,” Morrow said in the company’s official announcement. “But we are only bringing technology to the field when it’s ready for challenging environments. Pebble has said, “We love that CommandWear, like Pebble, is purpose-built to be truly useful for those who need it.”


CommandWear Pebble App

The CommandWear app on the Pebble Steel.
Source: CommandWear.


CommandWear’s Pebble app has text messaging capabilities to send first responders and paramedics messages while they are operating. This makes a Pebble watch more desirable in louder environments than, say, radios or smartphones.


Rod Salem, director of emergency management operations at BC Ambulance, expressed how difficult it is to get messages across in noisy events like festivals. “We have tried a number of different products, such as headsets similar to what pilots wear,” said Salem. “And although they solve the noise issue, they are cumbersome and not conducive to caring for patients in the field.”

With the Pebble app, CommandWear hopes to be the solution. This smartwatch app is being introduced as part of CommandWear 2.0, which connects all devices using CommandWear to ensure the best care is given by first responders. The app now allows Android device users to upload photos and videos quickly, allowing information to spread faster than ever. CommandWear 2.0 is available now.

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