Android Wear Updates Include GPS and Music

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Android Wear has been out for a few months now, and with the device list growing continually, it appears that Android has an early lead on the smart watch market, at least in terms of software. However, even in those short months since the release of the first Android Wear devices, the competition has already grown stiffer, with more features being added to every new device that hits the market. Now, Android Wear has reached that time for its first major update, including a brand new Sony smartwatch to feature these new updates on.


The Sony Smartwatch 3.

The Sony Smartwatch 3.

Particularly since the release of Fitbit’s newest line of trackers, GPS tracking has become the newest feature to be added to fitness minded wearables. So it makes perfect sense that Google has caught on to the trend, and added the feature to Sony’s SmartWatch 3. In addition to GPS tracking, is the new ability to store music directly on the watch, which only a couple of devices do so far. Both of these features mark a change in direction for wearables, with the original idea behind them being a companion to the smartphone. Now while they still have that capability and are fully utilized when doing so, more and more smart watches are becoming untethered, and gaining more standalone capabilities.


Other Android Wear devices such as the Moto360, LG G Watch, and Samsung Gear Live will be gaining the music functionality as well. Additionally, all future Android Wear devices will have the updated software as well. To check out more on the update, see Android Wear’s blog post here.


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