Amazon Opens Wearables Store

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It appears Amazon is bullish enough on the wearable tech space to give the devices its own dedicated store front. Launched yesterday the store focuses on five areas:

The market for wearables is nascent but growing rapidly. Some analysts predict the market to hit $40 billion by 2018. Though the segment for consumer wearables is even younger still, Amazon apparently wants to get ahead of the curve on direct-to-consumer sales. The store has long featured many of the devices this dedicated store front houses including fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wearable cameras.


Amazon’s Guide to Smartwatches


One great new feature Amazon does provide is category-specific buying guides. With the amount of devices hitting the market everyday, and the limited knowledge many consumers have of wearable tech, Amazon appears to be offering a great value by aggregating available devices and educating the consumers on purchasing decisions.

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