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Copenhagen airport has become perhaps the first airport to test Google Glass as a tool for improving customer service, and has done so to positive results. Copenhagen airport worked with SITA Labs to develop the application used during the test. SITA Labs previously worked with Virgin Atlantic to test a similar use of the smartglasses at Heathrow Airport (though the test was not principally conducted by the airport).


A Copenhagen Airport employee uses Google Glass to aid customers. Photo: Copenhagen Airport.


The airport used Glass to aid customers around three core areas: language translation with customers who do not speak Danish or English; communication among airport employees to pull up relevant customer info, via shared images, texts, or calls; and perhaps most importantly using Glass to pull up information from a reference database for commonly asked customer questions. The hands free aspect, as well as the mobility of Glass allowed for airport employees to perform all three tasks mentioned without leaving customers or breaking conversation.


Marie-Louise Lotz, Copenhagen Airport Director for Customer Care, had the following to say about the test,

The feedback has been very positive, from both passengers and the passenger service staff doing the testing. The glasses are user friendly, and it’s really important to our staff that the devices are hands-free. Every day, they carry around documents and equipment like duty rosters, desk allocation sheets, peak prognosis sheets, passenger numbers and cruise arrivals, smartphones, radios and many other things. Having their hands free and all this information potentially available from a small computer like Google Glass allows our people to engage better with passengers, for example when helping them check in, because they do not have to focus on a screen.

It only took airport staff a day to learn how to use the new technology, as much of their use was based around built in Glass features like file sharing and communication. The airport has not stated if there will be an official roll out of the device use, but Christian Poulsen, the airport’s CTO has said that following the positive results of the test they are now looking to efficiently implement wearables into their customer service.


For more information check out the full press release.

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