Adidas Releases The Fit Smart for miCoach

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Adidas has released its newest addition to its miCoach wearable ecosystem, a fitness tracker called Fit Smart, whose design reinstates the mantra that less is more in the wearable field. After the release of feature heavy watches such as Samsung’s Gear, or the oft rumored Apple iWatch, or even Microsoft’s own entry, Adidas decided to go back to the table and scrap everything that isn’t essential to the fitness wearable experience.


While the wristband doesn’t have an LCD touchscreen, or email/text notifications, or the ability to play games, it does focus on what it was designed to do…. track fitness. In addition to tracking pace, distance, calories like the standard fitness tracker, Fit Smart comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that is shown simply by an LED color light display, glowing depending on the intensity of the workout. During the workout, the wristband will respond with vibration and visual cues to help coach the user and make the most out of every workout. The wristband contains a 10 hour battery, meaning for it to be worn when active and exercising as opposed to the lifestyle watches that have been flooding the market. Once the data has been collected, the Fit Smart will wirelessly send it to Adidas’ MiCoach Train and Run app for smartphones, allowing the software to do the brunt of the work rather than the wearable.

Adidas Fit Smart wristband working with MiCoach on iOS and Android. Source: Adidas.


After Nike’s decision to discontinue its FuelBand, it might come as a surprise that Adidas would come in to fill the void left by the sportswear giant. With similar pricing as its competitors ($199), Adidas is banking on the appeal of simplicity over raw capability.


The wristband is set to be released at Best Buy in late August, with availability at select Adidas stores later on.


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