A Look At Fitbit’s 3 Newest Trackers

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Fitbit has had all kinds of buzz lately, particularly in regards to their falling out with Apple. As a quick recap, Fitbit firstly decided not to integrate their heavily used fitness trackers with Apple’s Healthkit, despite competitors such as Jawbone openly using Apple’s new software. The second, and more telling addition to this story lies in Apple’s decision to stop selling Fitbit in its stores all together, marking a stark change in the nature of Apple’s relationship with third parties.


Even with a failed product launch and recall of their Force fitness tracker because of allergic reactions, Fitbit was still able to retain their lead over their competitors. Now, Fitbit will be making up for lost time with a full marketing assault and the release of three brand new trackers to add to their product line.


Fitbit Charge in blue.

Fitbit Charge in blue.

The first of these is the Charge, which in many regards is the replacement for the Force. Changing the design slightly to account for the recall, the Charge is made of a softer rubber with a texturized surface, making it comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. Which is important for the Charge’s newest feature over its failed brother – automatic sleep tracking. Now, the Charge can seamlessly understand when you go to bed, as well as monitor your activity while you sleep. The Charge is available for retail at $129.95.



The Fitbit Charge HR.

The Fitbit Charge HR.

In addition to the Charge, Fitbit is releasing a premium version called Charge HR, featuring heart rate monitoring that had yet to be a feature of a Fitbit product. With the added feature of heart rate monitoring however comes a slightly shorter battery life, lasting around 5 days. Both devices will sync with your smartphone to provide quick glance access to alerts and notifications such as incoming calls. The Charge HR will be slightly more expensive than the Charge, and will retail at $149.95. Check out the intro video Fitbit released below:





The Fitbit Surge in black.

The Fitbit Surge in black.

The soon to be superstar for Fitbit though is the Surge, Fitbit’s first entry into serious fitness enthusiast market. In addition to all the other features Fitbit’s trackers come with, Surge is loaded with GPS tracking and the heart rate monitor, making Surge an all out competitor against other trackers. On top of it all, Surge still allows for text and phone notifications, as well as a battery that lasts for about a week. The Surge will be available for purchase at a price of $249.95, which puts it squarely in competition with Basis’ Peak fitness smartwatch. Check out the intro video Fitbit released below:


The arena for fitness trackers just got a lot more competitive.

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