A high-tech high five: Gesture recognition could come to Apple Watch

Written By Tom Hushen

Forgetting names is one of the biggest problems people face during an introduction, so much that there is even a word for it. But Apple might be on the verge of permanently fixing that.

The tech company recently filed for a new patent that would allow users to transmit data between watches by using spatial and gesture recognition.

A flurry of speculation has taken place across the Internet over what the use of these patents could be. Current theory suggest that the Apple Watch will be able to transfer your contact information when you shake hands with another watch user.

According to the patent, “Information items can be exchanged between user devices worn or carried by two different users in response to the devices detecting a ‘greeting event’ in which the devices are in proximity and the users of the devices concurrently execute a greeting gesture.”

Apple isn’t the only one getting into the gesture recognition business. We reported earlier this week that Samsung is also filed a patent to create a smartwatch that is controlled by wrist gestures.

Samsung filed for a patent that would allow the new mysterious smartwatch to recognize images and nearby objects. The patent also shows implementing a sensor that monitors your pulse.

Gesture recognition has been around for a few decades now but became hugely popularized after the success of the Xbox Kinect. Since then, tech giants like Sony, Qualcomm, and LG have branched into the GR market.

Companies like Rithmio are moving away from GR hardware and developing software that can be implemented into existing products. Developers can incorporate this software into their products to integrate gesture control.

Apple hasn’t released any information on a release date for the new watch, but users can expect a major update to hit their Apple Watches this fall.

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